The LAP-TEQ ELEVATION (altimeter / Height sensor) is used for precise positioning of line arrays or groups of several loudspeakers.

It consists of one component, the sensor Module. For easy mounting on the flying frame the LAP-TEQ Mounting-Bracket is used here.

In 2009, the first generation of the LAP-TEQ angle measurement system with red laser was introduced and distributed by TEQSAS worldwide to well-known loudspeaker manufacturers in the professional sector.

The current 2nd generation of the LAP-TEQ, the LAP-TEQ PLUS, has now been on the market since 2018. With a green laser in cross optics, improved display, improvement of measurement accuracy,pressure compensation valve and many other changes, the new LAP-TEQ PLUS has become the market leader.

As a consistent further development of the LAP-TEQ family, we introduced the LAP-TEQ ELEVATION in 2017. The LAP-TEQ ELEVATION is an altimeter or height sensor which is suitable for parallel operation with the LAP-TEQ PLUS angle sensor.


What does the LAP-TEQ MOTION rack unit actually do?

The LAP-TEQ ELEVATION is a sensor to determine the altitude using laser and time-of-flight measurement methods.

Accordingly, a classic tape measure can be dispensed with immediately.

Furthermore, the sensor can calculate a correction value by means of trigonometry, if the LAP-TEQ ELEVATION should ever fail to move exactly 90 degrees to show below (as in the picture attached).

The sensor has been designed to be magnetically mounted on a flying frame by means of a LAP-TEQ MOUNTING BRACKET.

The bayonet lock of the sensor enables a fast and secure connection between LAP-TEQ ELEVATION and LAP-TEQ MOUNTING-BRACKET.
What does LAP-TEQ PORT Compatible mean ?
The LAP-TEQ ELEVATION sensor is compatible with the LAP-TEQ PORT technology, it is therefore "LAP-TEQ PORT Compatible". This means it can be operated on any device with an available LAP-TEQ PORT.

Can the LAP-TEQ ELEVATION also operate other LAP-TEQ sensors ?

The LAP-TEQ ELAVATION has a cut-through for additional LAP-TEQ sensors. It thus has an available LAP-TEQ PORT for e.g. to connect a LAP-TEQ PLUS sensor.

Can the LAP-TEQ PLUS angle sensor and the LAP-TEQ ELEVATION be operated in parallel on a LAP-TEQ PLUS DISPLAY ?

Since the LAP-TEQ ELEVATION has an available LAP-TEQ PORT, the LAP-TEQ PLUS sensor, for example, can be operated on the LAP-TEQ ELEVATION without further ado.

In this case, the measured values for height and angle are displayed simultaneously on the corresponding reading product (e.g. LAP-TEQ PLUS DISPLAY).