The LAP-TEQ MOTION system (motor control) is used to control motorised chain hoists A total of up to 16 motor channels can be controlled simultaneously. Furthermore, the LAP-TEQ MOTION has three available LAP-TEQ PORTs to read the various LAP-TEQ PLUS sensors (such as LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER) via the remote control of the motor control.

In 2009, the first generation of the LAP-TEQ angle measurement system with red laser was introduced and distributed by TEQSAS worldwide to well-known loudspeaker manufacturers in the professional sector.

The current 2nd generation of the LAP-TEQ, the LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER, has been on the market since 2018. With a green laser in cross optics, improved display, improvement of measurement accuracy, pressure compensation valve and many other changes, the new LAP-TEQ PLUS has become the market leader.

As a consistent further development of the LAP-TEQ family, we introduced the LAP-TEQ MOTION in 2017. The LAP-TEQ MOTION is a motor control unit which has been supplemented with the functionality of a LAP-TEQ PLUS DISPLAY.


What does the LAP-TEQ MOTION rack unit actually do?
The LAP-TEQ MOTION rack unit contains the actual control of the motor channels.
The respective motor controllers from manufacturers such as (SWL or similar) are connected here.
Furthermore, each rack unit has its own power supply via PowerCON.
However, the rack unit can also be easily supplied by the operating voltage of the motor controllers via the Harting sockets.
A single rack unit can control up to 8 motor channels simultaneously.
Can several LAP-TEQ MOTION rack units be cascaded with each other?

Up to two LAP-TEQ MOTION rack units can be linked together. By linking two rack units, a total of up to 16 motor channels can be controlled simultaneously via one LAP-TEQ MOTION Remote.
How many LAP-TEQ PORTs does a LAP-TEQ MOTION rack unit have ?

A rack unit has a total of three available LAP-TEQ PORTs which can be read via the LAP-TEQ MOTION Remote.

All LAP-TEQ PORT compatible sensors can be connected and read out here.


The LAP-TEQ MOTION rack unit has an additional network connection at the rear. This means that the three existing LAP-TEQ ports can be read out via a web browser, just like the LAP-TEQ PLUS INTERFACE. Please take a look at our LAP-TEQ PLUS INTERFACE for more information.


What does the LAP-TEQ MOTION Remote actually do ?
The LAP-TEQ MOTION Remote is used to control and read out the LAP-TEQ MOTION rack unit.
A XLR cable is used for connection to the rack unit.

The remote has a 1.8" TFT display, an emergency stop switch and 10 buttons for LAP-TEQ functionality and control of the motor channels.

The remote has a slim housing and can be carried on the shoulder as required with an optionally available shoulder strap.

Due to the slim housing, the remote control can be operated with only one hand without any problems.
Can the LAP-TEQ MOTION Remote Display also operate other LAP-TEQ sensors ?

The LAP-TEQ sensors such as the LAP-TEQ PLUS Inclinometer are connected to the rack unit with a normal XLR 3.Pol cable. The rack unit has three LAP-TEQ PORTs for this purpose.
After connecting the sensors, the various LAP-TEQ PORTs can be displayed on the 1.8" TFT display by pressing the "LAP-TEQ" button on the remote.
With the LAP-TEQ MOTION it´s possible to display the data of the LAP-TEQ sensors for e.g. angle and height simultaneously with the movement of the motors and to initiate corresponding adjustments.

The following is a short video for demonstration.