The LAP-TEQ PLUS inclinometer (sensor) is used for precise positioning of line arrays or groups of multiple loudspeakers.
It consists of two components: The sensor module (measuring unit) and the display module (reading unit)

In 2009, the first generation of the LAP-TEQ angle measurement system with red laser was introduced and distributed by TEQSAS worldwide to well-known loudspeaker manufacturers in the professional sector.

The current 2nd generation of the LAP-TEQ, the LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER, has now been on the market since 2018. With a green laser in cross optics, improved display, improvement of measurement accuracy, pressure compensation valve and many other changes, the new LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER has become the market leader.

Our goal with our pro-audio tools like the LAP-TEQ family (angle, height, temperature & humidity measurements) is to make it as easy as possible for technicians, rental companies, system engineers and event technicians to turn virtual speaker simulation into reality.


What does the LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER actually do ?


The LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER is an angle sensor in a small and lightweight housing. The sensor is intended for mounting on flying frames or bumpers of loudspeaker systems (line arrays) and measures the vertical alignment angle there.

The sensor has a green laser in cross optics which is aligned in the radiation direction of the loudspeaker. This makes it possible to visually identify where, for example, the top element of a line array loudspeaker system hits in terms of acoustics.

Another advantage of the cross-look laser is that even with folds in curtains or between rows of chairs, it can still be seen through the horizontal and vertical lines.


Is the LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER water resistant ?

The LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER is waterproof and can be used without further problems even in heavy rain. The use at outdoor events such as festivals or concerts is possible without any problems


How does the LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER system work ?

The LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER is attached to the manufacturer's flying frames or bumpers with 4 screws using the prefabricated mounts. The LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER is already compatible with the following manufacturers:

  • Coda Audio
  • L-Acoustics
  • D&B Audiotechnik
  • TW Audio
  • Voice Acoustic
  • DB Technologies
  • Harmonic Design
  • Meyer Sound

Users of speaker manufacturers not listed here can use an accessory such as the LAP-TEQ PLUS MOUNTING BRACKET for this.

After mounting the LAP-TEQ PLUS sensor, the data is sent via a normal XLR 3-pin XLR cable to a device with an available LAP-TEQ PORT, such as the LAP-TEQ PLUS DISPLAY.

What does LAP-TEQ PORT Combatible mean ?

The LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER is compatible with the LAP-TEQ PORT technology, therefore it is "LAP-TEQ PORT Compatible". This means it can be operated on any device with an available LAP-TEQ PORT.


What does the LAP-TEQ PLUS DISPLAY actually do ?


The LAP-TEQ PLUS DISPLAY shows the sensor data of the respective LAP-TEQ PLUS sensors.

In the case of the LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER, the display shows the orientation of the LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER to the nearest degree according to the current vertical angle.

The LAP-TEQ PLUS DISPLAY has a 1.8 inch color TFT and two buttons for operation and menu navigation. Power is supplied via the built-in rechargeable battery. This is charged via the USB port.

Can the LAP-TEQ PLUS DISPLAY also operate other LAP-TEQ PLUS sensors ?


The LAP-TEQ PLUS DISPLAY has an available LAP-TEQ PORT and can therefore evaluate and display the measurement data of all sensors that are compatible with LAP-TEQ PORT technology.

From the LAP-TEQ family, the sensor for measuring elevation and the sensor for measuring temperature and humidity can therefore also be operated on the display.

What is shown on the display in connection with the LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER?

The display shows the current measured value of the LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER as well as the last measured angle before the device was switched off. You can also see whether the green laser is switched on or off.

This way, firstly, the vertical alignment angle from the left to the right loudspeaker side can be easily stored and transferred, and secondly, it is possible to check during the running event whether the laser is switched off although the angle may still be displayed.

Product Video Lap-Teq Plus

Tutorial-Video for Calibration