Our Service-Center

At TEQSAS we specialize in service and maintenance of professional audio equipment.

We have been active in this market for over 20 years, so that today we have considerable know-how as an engineering and master craftsman company.

We see ourselves as an all-round service provider who supports the customer not only in-house, but also on site in all his needs.

Our goal is to help our customers quickly and without complications, from telephone or personal support to the short-term procurement of a replacement device in an emergency.

Do you want to develop a customised product?
TEQSAS has many years of experience in finding special solutions here.

What to do in case of service ?

In order to process a service case as quickly as possible so that you only have to do without your device for a short time, we have provided an RMA form on the right.
Please fill in this form and send it to us by e-mail to service@teqsas.de.

The entire course is also described there once again.