The ATMOSPHERE ANALYZER is an "add on" software for the LAP-TEQ PLUS INTERFACE and it's not only used to read out atmospheric data such as temperature and humidity, but also helps to make decisions regarding RF or delay corrections during the event.

The LAP-TEQ PLUS INTERFACE works on a TCP/IP basis and can therefore be easily integrated into existing networks and infrastructures, allowing free positioning of the sensors within the venue.

In 2009, the first generation of the LAP-TEQ angle measurement system with red laser was introduced and distributed by TEQSAS worldwide to well-known loudspeaker manufacturers in the professional sector.

Since 2018, the current 2nd generation of the LAP-TEQ, the LAP-TEQ PLUS INCLINOMETER is now on the market. With a green laser in cross optics, improved display, improvement of measurement accuracy, pressure compensation valve and many other changes, the new LAP-TEQ PLUS has become the market leader.

As a consistent further development of the LAP-TEQ family, we introduced the LAP-TEQ PLUS INTERFACE in 2017. In addition to the LAP-TEQ PLUS DISPLAY, it offers an exciting alternative to read out the data of its LAP-TEQ sensors.

What does the ATMOSPHERE ANALYZER SOFTWARE actually do?

As an event technology service provider, several thousands of euros are spent over the years in sound system and its equipment. Everything becomes more professional and a good result is easier and easier to achieve.

A fantastic progress!

However, the setup is often done by very simple and cheap tools which do not reflect the level of accuracy that we have been demanding for a long time in our sound reinforcement solutions.

Especially in the area of setup, we have already provided the appropriate level of professionalization with our LAP-TEQ PLUS family.

But what happens during the event when temperature and humidity change?

In order to provide the appropriate degree of professionalism here as well, we have developed the ATMOSPHERE ANALYZER software.

Is that really an issue?

Changing temperature and humidity are not only a problem for the frequency response. The speed of sound also changes. Frequency responses like the one in the picture can occur with an increase in temperature and humidity of just a few degrees or percent.

Such changes are not unusual during an event.

We think that this is not the level of professionalism that we have long demanded of our sound system.

Which LAP-TEQ PLUS products do I need for the ATMOSPHERE ANALYZER?

To use the software as an "add on", at least one LAP-TEQ PLUS INTERFACE (or LAP-TEQ MOTION with interface add on) is required. In addition, at least one LAP-TEQ PLUS ATMOSPHERE is required.

Up to six different LAP-TEQ PLUS INTERFACEs can then be integrated and interpreted in the software via six different LAP-TEQ PLUS ATMOSPHERE sensors.

With ATMOSPHERE ANALYZER it is possible to make a diversified decision about the changes to the settings of the sound system.