TEQSAS LAP-TEQ Mounting Bracket

The TEQSAS LAP-TEQ Mounting Bracket is a universal magnetic mount for mounting the LAP-TEQ PLUS sensor and LAP-TEQ ELEVATION to nearly any flying frame.

In 2009, the first generation of the LAP-TEQ angle measurement system with red laser was introduced and distributed by TEQSAS worldwide to well-known loudspeaker manufacturers in the professional sector.

The current 2nd generation of the LAP-TEQ, the LAP-TEQ PLUS, has been on the market since 2018. With a green laser in cross optics, improved display, improvement of measurement accuracy, pressure compensation valve and many other changes, the new LAP-TEQ PLUS has become the market leader.

Our goal with our pro-audio tools like the LAP-TEQ family (angle, height, temperature & humidity measurements) is to make it as easy as possible for technicians, rental companies, system engineers and event technicians to turn virtual speaker simulation into reality.

What is the LAP-TEQ Mounting Bracket for?

The LAP-TEQ Mounting Bracket has four extremely strong magnets that allow easy mounting to almost any bumper or flying frame. The mounting bracket can accommodate one LAP-TEQ PLUS sensor and one LAP-TEQ ELEVATION at the same time.

What additional functions does the LAP-TEQ Mounting Bracket offer?

The LAP-TEQ Mounting Bracket has a strain relief for the required cables. The sturdy plastic clamp securely holds both the connecting cable between the LAP-TEQ PLUS sensor and the LAP-TEQ ELEVATION, as well as the supply cable for the entire LAP-TEQ system.

Furthermore, a safety is mounted to meet general safety aspects.